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 [Guide]Make your own lineage 2 server

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BeitragThema: [Guide]Make your own lineage 2 server   So Mai 31, 2009 5:32 pm

Download List :
Server -
Datapack - L2J_DataPack.zipMySQL - RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Navicat - RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Extended Navicat - Setup.exe
Java -
MySQL Setup.exe

1. Extract and to a folder named "Server". Extract FIRST!!!

2. Run "Setup.exe" and just go through clicking next UNTIL you get to the password screen, put in a password that you will remember. Write this down for Navicat. Install the Java version that suites your computer.

3. Download Navicat if you haven't already. Download "Extended Navicat" and put it in you navicat folder. If you get an overwrite message you did it right. Run navicat and click the "Connection" button.

Connection name: localhost
Host name/ip adress: localhost
Port: 3306 (unless you selected otherwise in MySQL setup wizard)
User name: root
Password: The password you selected for MySQL in the setup wizard

Double click your new connection to open it. If you have errors you have not followed my guide correctly, so go back and do it again. Right click on your newly made connection and hit "New Database". Type in "l2jdb" and click "OK". Nothing else

4. Go in your server\tools folder and run database_installer.bat. Follow the onscreen instructions and you'll be fine. When you get the to installing part pick "f" for loginserver and gameserver, because you want a full install.

5. Go into your gameserver\config folder and open This part is hard so PAY ATTENTION. Go to and write the IP it gives you down. Go to "start > run > cmd" and hit enter. Type "ipconfig" and hit enter, write down the second one it gives you.

Ok the is your WAN or external IP, people connect to you with this.

If i dont mention it, ignore it. ip
InternalHostname=ipconfig ip
Password=your mysql password

Do the same for server\login\

6. Lets register your gameserver. Go to server\login and run RegisterGameServer.bat. Type "help" for a list of avaliable server names. Select one and type the number and hit enter. Copy the hexid(server ##) that was just created in your server\login to your server\gameserver\config folder. Rename it to just "hexid" without quotes of course.

7. Run startSQLaccountmanager.bat, select 1 for create new account. Type in your account information and for access level put 100.

8. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and open "hosts" with notepad. Add this line:


Insert your IP where it says whatsmyip.orgIP

Save and exit

9. Open ports 3306, 7777, 2106 on your firewall or router. Sorry i can't help more on this step it depends on your computer.

10. Run startLoginserver.bat and startGameserver.bat, launch your l2.exe. Log in and create your character. Now go to "Navicat > l2jdb > characters" table, find your character. Type in 100 for the access level, you'll have to scroll over a bit to find this. Relog on your character and....
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[Guide]Make your own lineage 2 server
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